The Maids

The Maids

Aus dem Japanischen von Michael P. Cronin:
New Directions
176 Seiten
ISBN: 9780811228749

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The Maids, Tanizaki's final novel, sparkles like a jewel. Over the years—before, during, and after WWII—many women work in the pampered, elegant household of the famous author Chikura Raikichi, his wife, and her younger sister. Though the family's quite well-to-do, the house is small; the proximity of the maids helps perhaps to explain Raikichi's extremely close, and somewhat eroticized, observation of all their little ways. In the sensualist patrician Raikichi, Tanizaki offers a richly ironic self-portrait, but he presents as well an exquisitely nuanced chronicle of change and loss: centuries' old values and manners are vanishing, and here—in the evanescent beauty of all the small gestures and intricacies of private life we find a whole world passing away.

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